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For nearly 10 years Presteigne has been involved in the Mid Wales Matthews Jewellers Veterans league. The league is made up of 12 teams with all games played on a Thursday around various greens in Mid Wales with each team consisting of one rink.

The club is able to pick from the more experience members of our squad to compete in the competition which has grown in size since it's conception.

Fixture List

First Half Second Half
24th April at Presteigne

Talgarth v Wyesiders
Presteigne v Brecon B
Undertakers v Llandrindod
Spa v Hay
Brecon A v Knighton
Spartans v Builth
1st May at Knighton

Brecon B v Talgarth
Llandrindod v Wyesiders
Hay v Presteigne
Knighton v Undertakers
Builth v Spa
Brecon A v Spartans
8th May at Llandrindod

Talgarth v Llandrindod
Brecon B v Hay
Wyesiders v Knighton
Presteigne v Builth
Undertakers v Spartans
Spa v Brecon A
15th May at Builth

Hay v Talgarth
Knighton v Llandrindod
Builth v Brecon B
Spartans v Wyesiders
Brecon A v Presteigne
Spa v Undertakers
22nd May at Brecon

Talgarth v Knighton
Hay v Builth
Llandrindod v Spartans
Brecon B v Brecon A
Wyesiders v Spa
Presteigne v Undertakers
29th May at Hay

Builth v Talgarth
Spartans v Knighton
Brecon A v Hay
Spa v Llandrindod
Undertakers v Brecon B
Presteigne v Wyesiders
5th June at Talgarth

Talgarth v Spartans
Builth v Brecon A
Knighton v Spa
Hay v Undertakers
Llandrindod v Presteigne
Brecon B v Wyesiders

12th June at Knighton

Brecon A v Talgarth
Spa v Spartans
Undertakers v Builth
Presteigne v Knighton
Wyesiders v Hay
Brecon B v Llandrindod
19th June at Builth

Talgarth v Spa
Brecon A v Undertakers
Spartans v Presteigne
Builth v Wyesiders
Knighton v Brecon B
Hay v Llandrindod
26th June at Llandrindod

Undertakers v Talgarth
Presteigne v Spa
Wyesiders v Brecon A
Brecon B v Spartans
Llandrindod v Builth
Hay v Knighton
1st July at Brecon

Talgarth v Presteigne
Undertakers v Wyesiders
Spa v Brecon B
Brecon A v Llandrindod
Spartans v Hay
Builth v Knighton
3rd July at Knighton

Wyesiders v Talgarth
Brecon B v Presteigne
Llandrindod v Undertakers
Hay v Spa
Knighton v Brecon A
Builth v Spartans
10th July at Presteigne

Talgarth v Brecon B
Wyesiders v Llandrindod
Presteigne v Hay
Undertakers v Knighton
Spa v Builth
Spartans v Brecon A
17th July at Hay

Llandrindod v Talgarth
Hay v Brecon B
Knighton v Wyesiders
Builth v Presteigne
Spartans v Undertakers
Brecon A v Spa
24th July at Llandrindod

Talgarth v Hay
Llandrindod v Knighton
Brecon B v Builth
Wyesiders v Spartans
Presteigne v Brecon A
Undertakers v Spa
31st July at Brecon

Knighton v Talgarth
Builth v Hay
Spartans v Llandrindod
Brecon A v Brecon B
Spa v Wyesiders
Undertakers v Presteigne
7th August at Talgarth

Talgarth v Builth
Knighton v Spartans
Hay v Brecon A
Llandrindod v Spa
Brecon B v Undertakers
Wyesiders v Presteigne
14th August at Builth

Spartans v Talgarth
Brecon A v Builth
Spa v Knighton
Undertakers v Hay
Presteigne v Llandrindod
Wyesiders v Brecon B
21st August at Knighton

Talgarth v Brecon A
Spartans v Spa
Builth v Undertakers
Knighton v Presteigne
Hay v Wyesiders
Llandrindod v Brecon B
28th August at Llandrindod

Spa v Talgarth
Undertakers v Brecon A
Presteigne v Spartans
Wyesiders v Builth
Brecon B v Knighton
Llandrindod v Hay
4th Sept at Brecon

Talgarth v Undertakers
Spa v Presteigne
Brecon A v Wyesiders
Spartans v Brecon B
Builth v Llandrindod
Knighton v Hay
11th Sept at Builth

Presteigne v Talgarth
Wyesiders v Undertakers
Brecon B v Spa
Llandrindod v Brecon A
Hay v Spartans
Knighton v Builth

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